Swancon Thirty Six | Natcon Fifty Program

Below is the full draft Swancon Thirty Six | Natcon Fifty program. While we are making every effort to make sure all details are correct, we cannot guarantee that items won’t change. We also have plenty of space for last minute program ideas, so if the mood strikes and you want to organise something, we’ll help provide you with space to do it.

Remember that Thursday night is free! So bring a friend or two and see what Swancon has to offer.

Contact us any time in the lead-up to the convention, or speak to a committee member once you arrive.

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Family Program | Academic Program | WriterStream

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See our family program here.

Freshwater Bay Dealers Room Ballroom Gaming Room Mosman Bay Plaza 1 Plaza 2 Plaza 3
4:00-7:00 Registration
7:00 Opening Ceremony and Launch
7:30 Great Debate: We Are a Computer Simulation Welcome To Your First Convention with Sarah Parker, Sue Ann Barber, Shay Telfer and Kitty Hemsley
8:00 Future Imperfect Art Show Launch Gaming Room opens
8:30 Future Australia: Imagining How Lives Will be Lived Down Under as we Progress through the Millenium with Karen McKenna (moderator), Sean Williams, Simon Brown, Justina Robson, David Cake Writer/Editor/Reader Relationship Jonathan Strahan with Ellen Datlow, hosted by Cat Sparks Readings Lost in Translation – Fan Expectations vs Cinematic Outcomes in the Depiction of Literary Works on Screenwith Paul Kidd, Damian Magee, Rod Carey, Robert Hoge (moderator)
9:30 Filking Seeing Green – natural imagery in fantastic fiction with Glenda Larke, Kaaron Warren, Kate Eltham (moderator) Taking You on the Ride: Writing Adventure fiction with Bevan McGuiness, Tansy Roberts, Richard Harland, Simon Brown Cranking up the Cliché with Tom Eitelhuber, Tina Eitelhuber
10:30 Grant’s Chat Show with Grant Watson and Swancon Guests Paranormal Romance with Nicole Murphy, Amanda Pillar, Sue Bursztynski The Future: An Anime Perspective

Freshwater Bay Dealers Room Ballroom Gaming Room Mosman Bay Plaza 1 Plaza 2 Plaza 3
9:30 EduStream
9.30: Introductory discussion Using SF to teach English and as a tool to teach science (30mins) Sean Williams & Cathy Cupitt
10.00am Mad Scientists: Using the science in science fiction in the classroom (50mins) Peter van der Kwast & Bevan McGuinness
10.50am Morning Tea (25mins)
11.15 Using spec fic media in the classroom (books, film, tv) Alexandra Pierce
11.45 Teaching the future (Academic paper) Ian Nichols
12.15 Spec Fic in the Library Amy Hightower, Tehani Wessely, Sue Ann Barber
1pm Questions and Closing
Not if You Were the Last Short Story on the Earth with Jonathan Strahan, Tansy Roberts, Alex Pierce and Sarah Parker Disability and social media Presentation by Mike Kent Academic Stream see here for details of papers and presenters Writing in a Gaming World with Paul Kidd, Stephen Dedman, Sue Isle
10:30 Science Fiction is Dead … with Robin Pen, Helen Merrick, Andrew Cameron What TV Did to Me : A chat about growing up on a diet of SF TV did to my creative brain with Tansy Roberts, Stephen Dedman, Sean Williams, moderated by Grant Watson
11:30 Ready, Steady, Genesplice!: Building a better Unicorn with Pamela Smith, Rob Masters, Colin Sharpe, Alicia Smith, Andy Phillips Ghosts in the Machine; AI and the Human Mind with Justina Robson, Sean Williams, Dave Cake and Dirk Flinthart Australian SF Distributed Archive with Anna Hepworth, Elaine Kemp and Chris Creagh The ITC Years of SF TV Presentation by Damian Magee
12:30 – 2:00 Lunch break
2:00 Fan Funds Panel with Sue Ann Barber (GUFF), Damien Warman & Juliette Woods (GUFF) Emma Hawkes (DUFF), Gina Goddard (NAFF) and Rachel Holkner (NAFF) Paper Plane Regatta SF Bookclub: Windup Girl with Robin Pen, Helen Merrick, Andrew Cameron, David Cake SF and the Social Network with Alan Baxter, Cathy Cupitt, PRK Academic Stream Walt’s Twilight Kingdom: Disney Animated Films from 1951 to 1977 Presented by Grant Watson
3:00 MegaPodcast: Read/View or Die with The Coode St, The Writer and the Critic, The Pangalactic Interwebs and Galactic Suburbia Lost: The End with Tom Eitelhuber, Tina Eitelhuber and Sarah Xu Dead Eyes: Dolls and Simulcra in Horror with Stephen Dedman, Jason Nahrung, Kaaron Warren, Robert Hood Climbing Out of the Refrigerator: Great Women in Comics with Tansy Roberts, Kitty Hemsley, Brin McLauchlan
4:00 What’s New and Notable in Children’s and YA SF/F Presentation by Gina Goddard Darkness Beyond Borders with Kaaron Warren, Kirstyn McDermott, Ellen Datlow, Paul Haines The New Who 2 with Michael Cogan, Aaron Creaser, Damian Magee Justina Robson Interviewed by Jenny Blackford
5:00 That Spaceship has Girl Cooties: Feminism and the Female Gaze in SF/Fantasy with Justina Robson, Glenda Larke, Tansy Roberts Replicators for fun and profit with Shay Telfer and Peter Hillier Simon Brown v Sean Williams M15+
An Appreciation for the Abysmal: Hilariously Bad Movies with Tom Eitelhuber, Stephen Griffiths
6:00 – 7:30 Dinner break
7:30 Gentlemen’s Entomological Society with Dirk Flinthart, Peter Ball, Cat Sparks, Alan Baxter Cylons, Bajorans and the 5th Column – a discussion of the portrayals of terrorism, freedom fighters and resistance movements in sf with Stephen Griffiths Emotion, attachment and video games with Brendan Ragan, Peter M Ball, Mikey O’Brien and Daniel Dougherty Safe Spaces Panel with Sarah Parker, Helen Ensikat, Maia Bobrowicz, Ju Landesse,
Moderated by: Elaine Kemp
Auction with Justin Ackroyd
8:30 “A Positive” Screening with Kaaron Warren Politics of Fanworks with Cathy Cupitt, Elaine Kemp
9:30 Iron Brain Hosted by Coreynn Tan In the Dust of the Stars Screening Presented by Grant Watson Embracing the Erotic with Nicole Murphy, Laney Cairo, Liz Grzyb and Theresa Anns
11:30 12:00pm
12th Stroke Theatre

Freshwater Bay Dealers Room Ballroom Gaming Room Mosman Bay Plaza 1 Plaza 2 Plaza 3
8:30 Saturday Morning Breakfast with Editors with Ellen Datlow and Jonathan Strahan
(in hotel restaurant)
Wellness Session Romance Writers 1: Sizzling Sex Scenes with Nicole Murphy
9:30 Writers Stream: How to make it professionally details to be confirmed shortly Sports Chanbara Weapon Fighting Master Class Presented by Sensei Shane Jiraiya Cummings and Sensei Graham Eacott History of Gynaecon with Sarah Xu, Emma Hawkes, Gina Goddard, Sandra Norman Romance Writers 2: Finishing The Story with Kaaron Warren Conversation with Artists Part 1: Technique with Gaston Locanto, Christina Lorenz, Nancy Lorenz, Lisa Rye, moderator Kathryn Linge Film Club: Inception with Tom Eitelhuber, Dave Thatcher
10:30 Oh Zombie My Zombie with Robert Hood, Grant Watson, Jason Nahrung, Alan Baxter Romance Writers 3: Old Bones, New Flesh with Juliet Marillier Readings Video Quiz Hosted by Damian Magee
11:30 Professional SFX Presentation by Naomi Lynch How to Judge a Book by its Cover with Jonathan Strahan, Theresa Anns, and Amanda Rainey Dolls of Desire: Man’s Unnatural Selection of the Perfect Woman Presentation by Anthony Ferguson
12:30 – 2:00 Lunch break
2:00 Writers Stream Murdoch University SF Foundation with Van Iken, Grant Stone, Bill Wright and Chris Creagh Rebel Empire: Fight Scene Performance Do awards make a difference? with Cat Sparks, Russell Farr, Robert Hoge, Jeremy Byrne (moderator) Romance Writers 5: The Structure of the Novel with John Cregan M15+ warning
Burning Man Presentation by David Cake
Ellen Datlow Interviewed by Kaaron Warren
3:00 Using Fiction for Better RPG with Dirk Flinthart and Peter M Ball YA Fiction: Art and Industry with Cassie Lynch, Sean Williams, Richard Harland, Sue Bursztynski Romance Writers 6: Researching the Historical Novel with Anna Jacobs The New Frontier Presentation: David Medlen Grant Stone’s History of WA fandom in Tshirts
4:00 So You Want to Be A Manga Character Presented by PANiC The Voyager Panel: Meet the Authors Romance Writers 7: Arousal with Nikki Logan Cryogenics Presented by Marta Sandberg Vikings Are Awesome with Grant Watson, David Cake, Chris Stronach
5:00 Irwin Allen Presentation by Damian Magee Rise of Cthulu with Cassie Lynch, David Cake and Keira McKenzie (Moderator) Staying Safe on the Internet Presentation by Paul Chamberlain Book Launch: Justina Robson
6:00 – 7:30 Dinner break
7:30 Masquerade Red Carpet Masquerade Photo and rest room Forthcoming Movies in 2011 with Darran Price, Phil Jeng Kane, Warren Money, Leith Brindle, Brady Michaels
8:30 50th Birthday Bash DJs: Sean Williams and David Cake Have a Chat with Mr Parker Forthcoming Movies in 2011 with Darran Price, Phil Jeng Kane, Leith Brindle, Tiffany Douglas, Warren Money
9:30 Geek Sing-Along Vid all the things Presented by Cathy Cupitt
10:30 Hammer Horror: The Vampire Years Presented by Damian Magee
11:30 12:00pm
12th Stroke Theatre

Freshwater Bay Dealers Room Ballroom Gaming Room Mosman Bay Plaza 1 Plaza 2 Plaza 3
9:30 WASFF Business Meeting The Murdoch SF collection: A beacon in the dark or a missed opportunity Presented by Grant Stone Writing to History with Simon Brown, Juliet Marillier, Jenny Blackford, Dave Luckett Conversation with Artists Part 2: Theme Sarah Xu, Jenna Downing, Christina Lorenz, moderator Kathryn Linge Galactic Suburbia Live Recording with Alisa, Alex and Tansy
10:30 How to Write Fight Scenes Presented by Alan Baxter Retro games: nostalgia or new life? Presented by Paul Kidd and Mikey O’Brien Writer as Business Person/Writer as Entertainer with Sean Williams, Justina Robson, Juliet Marillier, Simon Brown (Moderator) Readings Casting your Pod with Grant Watson, Kirstyn McDermott, Helen Merrick, Jonathan Strahan
11:30 Art of Movie Posters Presented by Grant Watson Religion Creation in Fantasy with Satima Flavell (Moderator), Alex Pierce, Jenny Blackford, Juliet Marillier and David McDonald Clarion Call Moderator: Kate Eltham. With Ellen Datlow, Robert Hoge, Cat Sparks, Justina Robson
12:30 – 2:00 Lunch break
2:00 Perth Worldcon with PRK, David Cake and Sarah Parker Steampunk Style and Substance with Richard Harland, Jeremy Byrne, Lisa Hannett Classic Who Presented by Grant Watson Sean Williams Interviewed by Jonathan Strahan
3:00 Book Launch: The Last Days of Kali Yuga by Paul Haines Freeform with Stefen Brazil (limited places, put your name down at registration desk Fairytales in Today’s World with Angela Slatter, Ellen Datlow, Jenny Blackford, Richard Harland, Amanda Pillar Living La Vida Cyberpunk Presentation by David Cake Writing Abroad with Glenda Larke, Kaaron Warren, Simon Brown and Cristy Burne
4:00 Remembering Eidolon hosted by Sean Williams, with Jonathan Strahan, Jeremy Byrne, Simon Brown, Keira McKenzie, Robin Pen 2010 in Film with Tom Eitelhuber, Tina Eitelhuber, Ju Landesse UnderCONstruction Stream with Rohan Wallace Modern Manga, Modern Art with Jon Hayward, Brin McLauchlan, Emily Smith
5:00 Ticonderoga party History of Natcons with Justin Ackroyd, Robin Johnson, Sally Beasley, Gina Goddard Fantasy on TV: Thoughts and predictions about HBO’s forthcoming Game of Thrones with Laurie Ormond
6:00 – 7:00 Dinner break
7:00 7:00pm sharp
Swancon 2012 Launch
7:30 Orbit Gollancz Natcon Fifty Awards Ceremony (starting with cocktail party) Classic TV
9:30 Filk Space, Singalong Grant’s Late Night Live
11:30 12:00pm 12th Stroke Theatre

Freshwater Bay Dealers Room Ballroom Gaming Room Mosman Bay Plaza 1 Plaza 2 Plaza 3
8:30 Wellness Session
9:30 Natcon Business Meeting Homework panel for Swancon 2012 with PRK, Kitty Hemsley, Kat Griffiths Anime Tropes The Sequel with John Samuel and Gunnell Readings TV/Film Tie-in with Damian Magee
10:30 ANZAC Day Two-Up Staging the Fantastic: Laura Goodin and Grant Watson in Conversation About Playwriting Kicking Butt: Martial Arts in Fiction with Shane J Cummings, Dirk Flinthart, Wing Chung, Paul Kidd Readings SF, Social Networks and Blogging with Cathy Cupitt, PRK, Angela Slatter, Brin McLauchlan
11:30 Comics you should be reading with Tom Eitelhuber, Damian Magee, Kitty Hemsley From the Vaults: An Investigation into the Roots of Science Fiction and Fantasy” with Ian Nichols, Dave Luckett Readings Sarah Xu Interviewed by Sarah Parker
12:30 – 2:00 Lunch break
2:00 Critics: Your Friend and Enemy with Ian Nichols, Jenny Blackford, Richard Harland Internet Censorship and Freedom with David Cake, Amy Hightower, Jeremy Byrne UnderCONstruction Stream with Rohan Wallace Whose Line is Anyway? Hosted by Danny Oz
3:00 The Castle Moves On: Remembering Diana Wynne Jones with Kylie Ding, Rebecca Handcock Future’s Reflections with Ellen Datlow, Justina Robson, Sean Williams (moderator) Defining Fandom Sarah Xu, Rachel Holkner
4:00 Closing Ceremony