2011 Tin Duck Awards

Congratulations everyone on your nominations. Winners bolded below:

Best WA Professional Long Written Work
* Betrayal: Lara Morgan
* Samhane: Daniel I. Russell
* Seer of Sevenwaters: Juliet Marillier
* Slave of Sondelle: Bevan McGuiness
* Walking to the Stars: Laney Cairo

Best WA Professional Short Written Work
* Brave Face: Pete Kempshall
* By the Banks of the Nabarra: Daniel I. Russell
* Date with a Vampire: Annette Backshall
* Deeper than Flesh and Closer: Carol Ryles
* Downtown: Martin Livings
* For Those in Peril on the Sea: Stephen Dedman
* Home: Martin Livings
* Initiation: Sonia Helbig
* Little Arkham: Martin Livings
* Lollo: Martin Livings
* Out: Stephen Dedman
* Pang and Co. Genuine Scribe Era Stationery Pty Ltd: Elizabeth Tan
* Requiem for the Burning God: Shane Jiraiya Cummings
* Signature Walk: Pete Kempshall
* The Mikarr Way: Lyn Battersby
* Threadsongs: Joanna Fay
* Twixt Firelight and Water: Juliet Marillier

Best WA Professional Art Work
* Cover Design Sprawl: Amanda Rainey
* The Water Nymph I and II: Kathryn Linge

Best WA Professional Production
* An Eclectic Slice of Life: edited by Craig Bezant
* Australis Imaginarium: edited by Tehani Wessely
* Belong: edited by Russell B. Farr
* Cover Design Glitter Rose: Amanda Rainey
* Cover Design Scary Kisses: Amanda Rainey
* Cover Design The Company Articles of Edward Teach / Angaelien Apocalypse: Amanda Rainey
* Dead Sea Fruit: edited by Russell B. Farr
* Glitter Rose by Marianne De Pierres: edited by Alisa Krasnostein
* Macabre: A Journey Through Australia’s Darkest Fears: edited by Angela Challis
* Midnight Echo #4: edited by Lee Battersby
* Sprawl: edited by Alisa Krasnostein
* Worlds Next Door: edited by Tehani Wessely

Best WA Fan Art Work
* Fallen Angel: Christina Lorenz
* Swancon 2010 Tin Duck Trophy: Swancon 2010 Committee
* Swancon Thirty Six Logo: Amanda Rainey

Best WA Fan Written Work
* Crossdressing: Sarah Parker
* Hand Fetish: Sarah Parker
* Poetic Justice: Michael Burrows
* Reviews at ASiF!: Mitenae
* Reviews at ASiF!: Tehani Wessely
* Reviews in Specusphere: Satima Flavell
* Technical / Mechanical: Sarah Parker Writing on the Body: Sarah Parker
* Zuehl de da Emgalai: Tom Eitelhuber

Best WA Fan Production
* Australian Specfic In Focus! (ASiF!): produced by Alisa Krasnostein et al
* Boxing Day Super Mega Podcast: produced by Jonathan Strahan et al
* Brimstone Press HorrorScope: produced by Shane Jiraiya Cummings
* Coode St Podcast: produced by Jonathan Strahan and Gary K. Wolfe
* Eclecticism E-zine: produced by Craig Bezant
* Galactic Surburbia: produced by Alisa Krasnostein, Alex Pierce and Tansy Rayner Roberts
* Snapshot 2010: produced by Alisa Krasnostein, Tehani Wessely, Kathryn Linge et al
* Ticon 4: produced by Liz Grzyb and Russell B. Farr
* Top 20 Films of the Decade Poll & Presentation, presented at Swancon 2010: produced by Tom Eitelhuber