Children’s programming survey

This survey is for Swancon attendees with children (even if the children won’t be attending the convention). There will be Family Programming at Swancon 2011 which will operate throughout most of the days. In order to devise a program to suit the attendees, we need your help!

The programming is not childcare, a guardian will be required to be in attendance with all children in the program.

Please fill out this online form. If you have trouble viewing or submitting this form, you can send your responses to Fe here.

How many children do you have in each of the following age groups?
(Age during the con. If your child is on the border, include them once, in the most appropriate age group… )
12-15? (I don’t anticipate we’ll be programming specifically for this age group, but some items may interest them as well, so it would be helpful to have an idea of numbers.)

Will they be attending all of the Con?

Will they be attending only some of the Con?

If so, when are they likely to attend? (I realise it may be too early to say with any assurance, but if you could give us some idea, that will help us plan when to run items:-) Sunday is intended to be Family Day.)

What ideas would your children enjoy at the con?

What program items might you be able to assist with? (There is no compulsion to run programming… but guardians will be required to be in the room, so if you’re going to be there _anyway_, you might like to run something for half an hour? Read a favourite book, tell stories, run a craft… what else can _you_ think of?:-) )