2011 Tin Duck Ballot Paper

Completed ballots (pdf) may be mailed to:
Tin Ducks Awards Committee
PO Box 555
Inglewood WA 6932

Posted ballots need to be postmarked no later than 13 April 2011.

Alternatively, completed ballots may be placed in the ballot box in the registration area of the convention by 5:00pm, Saturday 23 April 2011. Printed ballot papers will be available at the convention Voting is open to full and supporting members of Swancon. Voting is by Optional Preferential Voting. Number as many boxes as you wish in each category, in the order of your preference, with 1 being your first choice. You do not have to number every box.

The Tin Duck Committee reserves the right to make further decision on the validity of nominees. Ballot forms must be clearly signed by the voter. Only one ballot form per person.

Download your ballot paper here (pdf).

Nominees are:

Best WA Professional Long Written Work
* Betrayal: Lara Morgan
* Samhane: Daniel I. Russell
* Seer of Sevenwaters: Juliet Marillier
* Slave of Sondelle: Bevan McGuiness
* Walking to the Stars: Laney Cairo

Best WA Professional Short Written Work
* Brave Face: Pete Kempshall
* By the Banks of the Nabarra: Daniel I. Russell
* Date with a Vampire: Annette Backshall
* Deeper than Flesh and Closer: Carol Ryles
* Downtown: Martin Livings
* For Those in Peril on the Sea: Stephen Dedman
* Home: Martin Livings
* Initiation: Sonia Helbig
* Little Arkham: Martin Livings
* Lollo: Martin Livings
* Out: Stephen Dedman
* Pang and Co. Genuine Scribe Era Stationery Pty Ltd: Elizabeth Tan
* Requiem for the Burning God: Shane Jiraiya Cummings
* Signature Walk: Pete Kempshall
* The Mikarr Way: Lyn Battersby
* Threadsongs: Joanna Fay
* Twixt Firelight and Water: Juliet Marillier

Best WA Professional Art Work
* Cover Design Sprawl: Amanda Rainey
* The Water Nymph I and II: Kathryn Linge

Best WA Professional Production
* An Eclectic Slice of Life: edited by Craig Bezant
* Australis Imaginarium: edited by Tehani Wessely
* Belong: edited by Russell B. Farr
* Cover Design Glitter Rose: Amanda Rainey
* Cover Design Scary Kisses: Amanda Rainey
* Cover Design The Company Articles of Edward Teach / Angaelien Apocalypse: Amanda Rainey
* Dead Sea Fruit: edited by Russell B. Farr
* Glitter Rose by Marianne De Pierres: edited by Alisa Krasnostein
* Macabre: A Journey Through Australia’s Darkest Fears: edited by Angela Challis
* Midnight Echo #4: edited by Lee Battersby
* Sprawl: edited by Alisa Krasnostein
* Worlds Next Door: edited by Tehani Wessely

Best WA Fan Art Work
* Fallen Angel: Christina Lorenz
* Swancon 2010 Tin Duck Trophy: Swancon 2010 Committee
* Swancon Thirty Six Logo: Amanda Rainey

Best WA Fan Written Work
* Crossdressing: Sarah Parker
* Hand Fetish: Sarah Parker
* Poetic Justice: Michael Burrows
* Reviews at ASiF!: Mitenae
* Reviews at ASiF!: Tehani Wessely
* Reviews in Specusphere: Satima Flavell
* Technical / Mechanical: Sarah Parker Writing on the Body: Sarah Parker
* Zuehl de da Emgalai: Tom Eitelhuber

Best WA Fan Production
* Australian Specfic In Focus! (ASiF!): produced by Alisa Krasnostein et al
* Boxing Day Super Mega Podcast: produced by Jonathan Strahan et al
* Brimstone Press HorrorScope: produced by Shane Jiraiya Cummings
* Coode St Podcast: produced by Jonathan Strahan and Gary K. Wolfe
* Eclecticism E-zine: produced by Craig Bezant
* Galactic Surburbia: produced by Alisa Krasnostein, Alex Pierce and Tansy Rayner Roberts
* Snapshot 2010: produced by Alisa Krasnostein, Tehani Wessely, Kathryn Linge et al
* Ticon 4: produced by Liz Grzyb and Russell B. Farr
* Top 20 Films of the Decade Poll & Presentation, presented at Swancon 2010: produced by Tom Eitelhuber