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Why I am going to Swancon Thirty Six | Natcon Fifty

Glenda Larke is an invited guest of Swancon Thirty Six | Natcon Fifty. Here she tells us why she loves conventions, and why you will too.
Back in the days of yore…
Ok, back in about 1997 or 1998, my agent, who lives in UK, told me I should start going to science fiction conventions now that [...]

Retro-futurist fiction

Sarah Parker has been a part of Australian Fandom for 14 years, having attended one Worldcon (Melbourne), thirteen Swancons, three Continuums, two Fandomedias, one Wastelands, one Nights’ Edge and a partridge in a pear tree. She has been secretly writing for five years and has already won a Tin Duck for her Zombie Apocalypse [...]

Official Report of the First Australian Science Fiction Convention

By Way of Introduction
The First Australian Science Fiction Convention was the most ambitious venture of its kind ever attempted by Australian fandom. From a humble beginning in 1951 and without the benefit of the recognised channels of fan recruiting, the organised Sydney community successfully staged a gathering of several days’ duration that attracted a total [...]

Pop culture meets ancient icon

A very cute bit of retro-futurism from Rachael T E Sparks at the UCL Museums & Collections Blog.

There it was. A rather charming hand applied to the vessel wall. Well, I’m a fan of pop culture myself, so my immediate thought was that there had been a bit of jiggery-pokery by a Star Trek fan [...]

oooh… fashion!

Taking a little break from the words today, in favour of pictures. Lots of beautiful pictures of how designers thought we would dress, and what science-fiction inspired fashion looks like today.

Show notes from the Ohne Title RTW Fall 2011 Collection said their fall line was influenced by “the shape, volume and details in early Apollo [...]

Forward and back, back and forward…

Richard Harland has been a spec fic author for 13 years, ever since he overcame the previous 25 years of writer’s block. At the moment, he’s totally into steampunk. Could it be because he got his big breakthrough success with the steampunk fantasy, Worldshaker? Or because the sequel, Liberator, comes out internationally round Swancon time? [...]

Other people’s retro-futures

Keira McKenzie has been writing & drawing stuff for positively ages & is now engaged in her PhD, the creative work concerning, quite coincidentally, futures of all stripes and worlds and times, and non-fictionally, H.P.Lovecraft and philosophical theories – which also involve the nature of futures in the past from the perspective of the present.

Future [...]

Swancon Thirty Six: A Chinese horoscope

As part of our ongoing series on retro-futurism and fandom, please welcome Bill Wright. Bill is the awards administrator of the Australian Science Fiction Foundation. He will be on deck in that capacity at Swancon Thirty Six | Natcon Fifty to introduce presenters of the 2011 A. Bertram Chandler and Norma K. Hemming Awards. Visit: [...]

Learning from the past

PharaohKatt is the convenor of Swancon 2012 and blogs at Something More Than Sides.
Science fiction is not just about looking to the future: it’s also about learning from the past. Even a cursory glance at the past will show you just how much science fiction has changed and grown. What was once thought [...]

The Perils of Future Retro-Futures

Grant Watson is a Swancon favourite and invited guest of Swancon Thirty Six | Natcon Fifty. His podcast is Bad Film Diaries and you should listen to it.
I love it when history overtakes science fiction. Earlier this year I re-watched Peter Hyams’ film 2010, which presented us with a strange future in which we not [...]