Future Imperfect Art Show Launch

Official opening at 8:00pm, Thursday 21 April at the Hyatt Regency Perth, by Eric Ripper, Leader of the Opposition and SF Geek. Open all Easter weekend, from 9:00am to 6:00pm.

Natcon Fifty will host ʻFuture Imperfect: Exploring the future from the pastʼ, a semi-professional art show to be held over the Easter weekend in 2011 in Perth, Western Australia.

ʻFuture Imperfect: Exploring the future from the pastʼ will explore the way people have historically imagined our present, bringing the past and the future together in new and interesting ways.

Download the catalogue (pdf)

Participating artists

Sandy Gaskett

Gas Bomb Girl | Facebook page

Jenna Downing

Evil Genius in Residence

Kathleen Jennings


Christopher Phillips


Lisa Rye

Lisa Rye

Pia Van Ravestein

Ravenari | Gallery

Gaston Locanto


Kathryn Linge


Christina Lorenz


Nancy Lorenz


Please direct any enquiries about the show to Amanda